Launching a Website? Read This First

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by the prospect of launching a website? Whether it’s your first or fifth time, “going live” with your online presence can certainly feel like a daunting task. But don’t worry— with tools and resources to support you along the way, you’ll be ready to confidently launch in no time.

Here are a few things everyone should know before launching a site of their own.

Landing Pages, Transactional Pages, and Spreading the Word

Before you launch your website, you want to ensure your landing pages, transactional pages, and additional components to your website are all 100% prepared. That way, when you’re ready to launch, you’ll already have a fully developed site where your customers can shop, read blogs, and sign up for newsletters and emails, etc. 

A landing page is a standalone web page created for marketing or advertising. In layman's terms, a landing page is the first page that a customer will visit when they explore your website. 

A transactional page is a convenient web page that lets users directly transfer money to your business, brand, or organization. For example, a transactional page could be for collecting donations, selling products, or collecting dues for memberships.

Finally, once you have your website ready to launch, you’ll want to spread the word to get more web traffic. You’ve put the effort in, and now it’s time to make sure people will see it! Here are some key ways to grow your website’s traffic:

  • Share it on social media— don’t be shy, put it out there! Whether it’s through your personal or business account, or both, this is a great way of letting the world know you’ve launched a website.
  • Create and nurture an email sign-up list on your site. This allows you to have direct contact with your audience to remind them you exist! Just think, how many times have you clicked on a link to a website from an email they sent you?  

Market Rithm: The Ultimate Launchpad for Your Online Presence

Market Rithm is today’s leading service provider for everything related to your online presence. They offer a highly sophisticated yet user-friendly website creation platform, Structure CMS, as well as state-of-the-art email marketing tech in their platform, Deployer.

These and other offerings are everything you need to launch a terrific online, whether for business or for fun. Visit to find out how they can help you have not only a successful website launch, but continued growth after the fact!

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