Top 2021 web design trends for your website!

This year, by far, has been a tough one for everyone. Previous years always seemed to rush through each month. In contrast, 2020 went at a slow and steady pace. There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has and will affect the web well into 2021. Here are some web design trends resulting from this pandemic era.

Ordering online has become the norm this year. With several states going into lockdown and people avoiding in-person shopping, website use has gone up drastically. Businesses needed to adapt quickly to stay afloat. In 2021, the ever-declining retail storefront will continue its descend, while eCommerce, which will grow a projected 20 percent growth next year, will see more potential to take over the retail spectrum. This means that websites need faster uploads to compete with the overhaul of new eCommerce emerging.

2021 will bring more websites that stand for something; a movement of some kind in a sense. Struggling businesses need to take a different approach and one way they are doing that is by connecting with their customers. They are calling out to things that matter to them, which causes more awareness for their business in the progress. More brand awareness through more meaningful causes to rally behind is the theme.

Whether for school, work meetings, or even Thanksgiving dinner video interactions have become a quick necessity this year. Without the ability to use video conferencing, a lot more people would be out of work and there might not be any interaction with their friends and family. Video calling has seen some problems, from the potential hacker getting into a school Zoom class to connections being lost. This will be something that needs improvement during the upcoming year.

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